Endian Community 3.0 FINAL DOWNLOAD ISO

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    • Endian Community 3.0 FINAL DOWNLOAD ISO

      Download EFW Community 3.0 FINAL
      MD5 f2e744604bdb0b45575704cd798c7590

      Download EFW Community 3.0 SRPMS
      MD5 7810c45e5f91a2ccfb863aaedc3f20ed

      Für alle die sich jetzt wundern, warum beim Download das File immer noch -devel- beinhaltet,
      gab es diese Erklärung von Endian:

      Yes it is because 3.0 Community will be always bleeding edge so made by
      devel channel.
      But devel channel now is not the trunk development channel but a frozen

      Details zu den Änderungen:

      ** Improvement
      * [UTM-829] - UTM-828 Disable direct client communication when
      multiple processes is enabled
      * [UTM-811] - Optimize memory usage of urlfilter categories by
      removing those which are not used
      * [UTM-810] - Optimize memory usage by using 'file' instead of
      'hash' for urlfilter lookup tables
      * [UTM-739] - Connections page for VPN users: backend
      * [UTM-733] - Reflect in GUI transitioning states of IPsec
      * [CORE-685] - Make Apply, Notification and Error box grow with
      * [CORE-629] - Update Intel network drivers
      * [CORE-553] - Configurable logs for trusted timestamping

      ** Bugfix
      * [UTM-806] - When clamd is not running when c-icap is starting
      and needs clamd, c-icap does not have a virus
      engine and let all pass.
      * [UTM-805] - Squid need also to be restarted when a file in
      /etc/squid/squid.conf.d/ changed
      * [UTM-804] - c-icap does not start when clamAV is enabled
      instead of Panda Antivirus
      * [UTM-803] - ClamAV safebrowsing is still enabled also if
      * [UTM-798] - c-icap uses a very large amount of memory
      * [UTM-795] - Providers associated to a scope are lost, syncing
      * [UTM-782] - Virus engine for amavis is failing due to
      unexpected exit code 255
      * [UTM-775] - Duplicated lable in DNS Routing page
      * [UTM-771] - Error signing a certificate request
      * [UTM-742] - Disabling IPsec Net-to-Net connection displays
      the status as if it was Connected or Connecting
      * [UTM-728] - Application Control works only with source ANY
      * [UTM-702] - HTTP Proxy issues
      * [UTM-698] - Unable to download the content filter signatures
      * [UTM-697] - IPsec 3.0 migration missing
      * [CORE-472] - Remote authentication reply can contain binary
      * [CORE-462] - Swap partition dimension reorganization
      * [CORE-423] - Wrong baud rate on software appliance
      * [CORE-316] - Values of default settings files are not read
      when job uses get_config()
      * [COMMUNITY-53] - /var/log/fifo/dansguardian is not a fifo
      * [COMMUNITY-45] - ISSUU slow with Internet Explorer
      * [CORE-591] - Logrotate removes archives older than 7 days
      automatically for most daemons
      * [CORE-672] - Emi commands ignores all but the first param of a
      param list after the first request
      * [CORE-651] - In System Status some sub categories disappear
      when navigating to VPN connections
      * [CORE-644] - Some log files are not rotated
      * [CORE-642] - Kernel kmalloc traceback in /var/log/messages
      * [CORE-639] - Log timestamping doesn't use correctly the
      pattern variable
      * [CORE-638] - Freezings and reboots caused by out of memory
      * [CORE-631] - Default gateway is lost after adding an uplink on
      the same interface the main one is using
      * [UTM-595] - OpenVPN user migration
      * [UTM-593] - OpenVPN server GUI
      * [UTM-591] - OpenVPN server backend
      * [UTM-590] - VPN authentication management (service) GUI
      * [UTM-589] - VPN authentication backend GUI
      * [UTM-588] - VPN user groups GUI
      * [UTM-587] - VPN user groups support for remote providers
      * [UTM-586] - VPN user groups support for local backend
      * [UTM-585] - VPN user groups backend
      * [UTM-527] - Outgoing IP address configuration for each domain

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