NAT loopback behaviour change in Endian Firewall 2.2

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    • NAT loopback behaviour change in Endian Firewall 2.2

      Please does somebody know why there is change of IP NAT Loopback behaviour in EFW 2.2? Or how to correct problem?

      I need access internal servers from LAN by external IP with port forwarding. For example we have some users with laptops who occasionally work from home so their email client is set to the WAN IP, but when they bring the laptop into the office they are unable to connect to the mail server without changing their email client to the LAN IP of the mail server.

      Before I was using EFW 2.1.x and there it worked correctly without any special options. But with 2.2 it is not working. I believed that it is an issue of RC version, but not. I could succesfull ping or access endian web admin interface external-ip:10443 but accessing some other services in internal network is not working.

      Thanks for help.